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You Need To Outsource Your Projects!

I like to do things myself. No one to answer to. No one to blame if something goes wrong. Best of all, no one to pay! But of course, I'm just one person and I have a lot I want to do. I've learned a long time ago that I can't go it alone. And so, I've learned to solicit advice and work from others who can do it faster and better. Regardless of the cost (well, not really).

I can build and design a website with the best of them. But with advancing technologies and programming languages, getting what I need accomplished is next to impossible. Hey, I'm not that good!

So, I now outsource my work to some of the most brilliant, hard-working people in the world. Since our economies are vastly different, I have tapped some great resources in other countries filled with eager, smart people that can do things I know I can't. And you should too.

Finding people to work for you is easy. There are many websites out there filled with freelancers who want to work for you. Believe me, these people are hungry to work for you. Treat them with respect, pay them (very important!), and you'll be richly rewarded when your next project is due.

Don't be blind!
I like to know what's involved in my project. For example, I know how a website works, can write some PHP code, but need assistance when it comes to full PHP development. By understanding some PHP and the process, I can tell if the freelancer knows his stuff just by some of the responses I get when I ask questions. Just like an auto mechanic who senses an ignorant customer. You go in for an oil change and come out with half your car replaced! Become an expert yourself so you can protect yourself.

Always pay and pay on time!
Do you like to work for free? I didn't think so. So why would you think someone else doesn't like money? Never take advantage of someone you're trying to build trust with. Agree on a price and pay when you need to. If you can't pay, do it yourself and save yourself a black mark. If you find a great worker, DON"T BLOW IT by failing to pay them. It's may not be easy to replace them so quickly.

Outsourcing can be a great experience for both the employer and freelancer. I've had great success with great people around the globe. You can too. And you should.

Steven Pepe has been a graphic designer and programmer for over 15 years. Working as both an employee and a freelancer, he has worked in many areas of the field, from graphics production to web development. He is the founder of, a freelance community site working with individuals across the globe seeking freelance work. If you're looking for freelance work, or interested in posting a job, visit